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  Vendor Services

Butterfly Portrait Studio takes great pride in building partnerships with local artists and businesses to make your overall customer experience more enjoyable and unique! 

Top Rated Vendors!
Hair & Makeup By Kalisha

Kalisha is a wonderful licensed stylist! Her service allows studio clients the option to enjoy professional her hair and makeup services done right at the studio before your appointment!

Cell Phone 503-480-4103

Pamper yourself and feel Beautiful!

My name is Kalisha Phillips, I’m 32 years old, and a born and raised Oregonian. I’m happily married, and the proud mother of two amazing little girls ages 10 and 3. I have been doing hair my whole life in one way or the other, and have been a licensed hair stylist since I was 19 almost 14 years. My goals this year are to go back to beauty school to get my esthetician’s license as well so I can offer waxing services as well as hair & makeup. I have always loved doing hair and makeup since a young age, I got my inspiration from the most unlikely person; my father. My father taught me how to braid at a very young age, to work with and manipulate my hair. He taught me the importance of proper skin care always saying “the better your skin the less makeup you will need.” The most important goal with doing Hair & Makeup for these photoshoots for me is to bring out your own beautiful self. Not to make you look like someone else. I will make you look like the glamorous rock star that you are. The most rewarding thing for me is to know that you are happy with the way I make you look and feel. If my work makes you see how beautiful you are, then I have accomplished my job

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