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NO Cameras , CELL PHONE PICTURES or video recordings:  No pictures of any kind allowed the shooting room. (except the photographers)*the waiting area, and play room are permitted.* Its important you or anyone in your guest party does not stand behind me while I am capturing pictures of your child and snap photos of your child as well  on your cell phone or any other device. Its distracting to me and your child.  You can feel at ease knowing that I am focused on capturing great images you are paying for. You will get everything I capture for you on a HIGH quality digital CD. You wont miss anything. I promise! Cell phones strictly prohibited.


Where is the studio located?  This beautiful new studio is conveniently located between the Army Guard Base and downtown. The address is 2061 State St, Salem Oregon 97301. On State St, its right across from the Oregon Market, and Machos Gracis.  You can call the studio for any questions. 503-385-8655


Where can I see more of your work? What kind of photography do you do? I have a wide variety of the types of photography I offer! Everything from newborn to weddings and in between! You are welcome to click above on the (portfolio link) to see samples of my work! On this website you can learn about me, your photographer. Take a virtual tour of the studio, peak prices and see what I offer for themes and sets! 


Appointments-No-shows & rescheduling: At this time I do not accept walk-in appointments. I have a fairly booked schedule and like to know in advance what sessions are planned so I can make sure the experience is perfect for you. If you are looking for a weekend appointment I book out roughly 2 weeks out, so its best to book ahead for first dibs on time you may want.  I do not require deposits for studio sessions if you have a history of good attendance & do not cancel more than one time. If you no-show a session without calling or giving ample 24 hour notice you will be required to pay a $25 deposit at the time of your next booking that will be used towards your photo session. 


Reshoots: For anything that you dislike about your images that are beyond the photography element of your visit such as:  being unhappy with hair, clothing choices, a child that doesn't behave or allow the experience to finish, we can set another time to try the session again. For all reasons that are beyond the photographers control (lighting, posing, background )and you want a reshoot after the original session has already taken place their will be a $40 appointment fee applied for the added time to photograph 2nd session. All additional images photographed will be provided to you at no additional charge.

Late for your Appointment?: If you are more than 15 minutes late for your scheduled appointment you will be asked to reschedule. Depending on the day, a later time may or may not be available. (not common on weekends) Please try to arrive 5-10 minutes early so you have time to settle and be ready for pictures.


Refunds: My goal is 100% customer satisfaction, if you are ever unhappy with your session, please let me know! Due to the custom nature of this business, I am unable to offer a refund once payment is made. I are more than happy to to re-shoot and replace product if you are unhappy with your final results.


Edits -VS- Enactments: (Package details) One of the most common questions I get is "Do you edit?"... Yes! Before you see your images your photos have general image quality control done (centering/framing & cropping/correction if needed) however my personal style is not heavily touched-up.. The images you see on my page and website are consistent with what I offer to all my clients. I do offer enhancements (witch are not the same as "edits") these are added effects such as- Black & white/sepia/color pop/vignettes) with certain packages! For example: My Pearl package ( $135-CD + 5 printed sheets) does not include any added enhanced effects. This package includes the plain color images right off the camera. My Sapphire package ($165-CD + 8 sheets + enhancements includes fun tones and added effects. Yes all of my packages include "edited images". 


How long until I get my CD?  I edit images at the end of our session! Once they are upload to the computer it takes me 10-20 minutes to get all your timeless photos ready to be viewed. During this time you relax in my comfortable show room while your children play in the playroom. Once your photography is ready to be enjoyed you will view your own personal slideshow presentation on a beautiful (LARGER than life 70 inch display!) After we view pictures we go over package options and pick out printed sheets. Once we are finished selecting your photos you take your CD HOME at the time of your appointment! (My clients love this!!)


With my CD, can I make copies? Yes! You can make copies. You get a print permission slip that is included with your keepsake image CD that allows you and any retailer/printing lab to print images from this studio. 


Themes and Sets: I hope you love the large variety of themes and custom one of a kind sets I offer! I really enjoy having things you don't see anywhere else! As you can imagine each set has its own special props and require ample amount of time to set up, because of this I offer two sets per session (for children-only appointments) Or for family pictures +  photos with your child or children individually you may have one theme set + family photos per one appointment. You are more than welcome to enjoy all my themes and plan several sessions to take advantage of the variety I have! You will need to let me know before your appointment if you would like a certain theme or set so I can have it ready for your appointment. 


Payments:  I accept Cash, Debit & Credit but do not accept checks. I also don't offer payment plans for studio photography sessions. Total payment of what package you select is expected at time of your appointment. (unless special agreement is made with photographer) Weddings & Events do come with payment options.


Prices & Fees: Here is some great NEWS! I do not charge sitting FEES!  I do have a few upcharges for Pets being added to a studio session ($30) and outdoor photography is on sale for ($50) added to my sapphire package or anything greater for any session outside. I keep my prices simple and easy to understand. You come into the studio, receive a great photography experience and have lots of images to choose from with no pressure to buy any particular package. Once we are finished in the camera room, we view photos on the display screen and chat package options to figure what is best for you. To view prices and package details check out the (Investment page)


How long does my order take to pick up once ordered? During non-holiday times, all months excluding (November & December) photo print time/pick up is 2-7 days depending on order volume. Framed products and specialty pieces like blankets and enlargements can take 7-14 days.


What happens if my child is in a bad mood or wont cooperate? I book 2 hour appointment windows for most sessions (1.5 hour for holiday promotion specials)  If your child's mood shifts during photos and the time we set happens not to work we save all images captured and book another time to continue where we left off. I don't give up easily, and understand you put a lot of planning into your photo appointment. Sometimes rescheduling is unavoidable, but before we are call it quits I give a strong effort to play, and get your child having fun. Depending on the behavior and the circumstances of the visit their may be a $40 second appointment fee added to your total to cover additional time the photographer offers for the new appointment.


Frequently Asked Questions & Policys


Hello their! Here are some of questions I get asked the most as well as a few policy's for the studio. Reading this will help explain and share how things work at Butterfly Portrait Studio. Before we begin, I wanted to thank you for considering me to be your photographer and trusting my studio to make your memories special! I cannot wait to make your photo session beyond what you expect and give you images and experiences you will cherish forever!


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